I may not be who you're used to seeing in politics, but isn't that the problem?

I'm a country boy, but I do  look good in a jacket and tie. My wife is very much appreciating the dressing up that comes with campaigning. 

Resume highlights:

Note: Canadian post-secondary education is structured differently, but this is roughly equivalent to an associate degree in Electrical Engineering

Also worth mentioning:

Why me?

The world is run by the people that show up. I was really disappointed at the State Senator spot in North Texas being unopposed in 2022, so to make sure that doesn't happen, I'm running. Also, I'm, like, an average guy, which would be a lot better than Dan Patrick and cronies. Nobody young ever runs and that's a depressing trend I want to end.

I’m 34, I work night shift maintenance in manufacturing. I’m blue collar for a couple generations back, and then you find the farmers. I can do pretty much everything myself… and I play grandpa to a lot of folks that post they need help on Facebook or through volunteer organizations, whether they need a mechanic or roadside assistance or a plumber.

Yup, I didn’t grow up in Texas, I wanted to come all my life though. I’m from Canada, by way of Indiana. I know rural! I lived over an hour from the nearest Walmart in Manitoba (north of North Dakota), and half an hour from the nearest auto parts store… convenient. I miss the easy access to public land in Canada though.

I grew up poor, in Canada though, single mom, lots of kids. Pretty sure I’d be straight up dead if I grew up in Texas, it was dicey enough as it was. And we lived somewhere there’s basically Universal Basic Income for kids! That was with grandparents in town, and being friends with the local food bank guy (I still can’t eat raisin bread because we got so much of that, and did you know you can eat the noodles out of long-expired Kraft Dinner even after the cheese powder turns a weird poisonous color?)

Even with that help, two broken collarbones and a femur that required airlift would have just nuked a Texan family, even one with two good jobs and savings… in Canada, that was $0. Texas has a higher GDP than all of Canada by the way, we can do better here than the randomly priced, but always too expensive, disaster that Texas healthcare is now.

Yup, I have a great little family, rather not get them shot by crazies though, so not going to go into great detail there. I did become an American citizen out of love though, not just because America has actual property rights and freedom of speech.