Do I need to write anything here? Just go sort through your confusing and expensive pile of medical bills, I know you have one.

I come from Canada, which has single payer healthcare. About the same trouble getting a doctor or specialist as here, really, rural is a bit better in Canada in my experience as there's programs to encourage new and immigrant doctors to take those roles as they start out. But, it's a heck of a lot cheaper. My brother got airlifted to Sudbury, Ontario after breaking his femur, $0. I have good insurance from my employer in Texas and I was still out of pocket $6k for my daughter's birth. Still sore about the mandatory hearing test not only not being covered but not being in network. That's a bad law. 

We need to reign in insurance companies so people don't get turned down when they should get approved, and so our hospitals actually get paid what they need to stay open. Unlike Bowie's hospital. Rural medical access is a downright crisis here. Gainesville's nearly closed too. 

This is way outside my wheelhouse, but I know that. I could do a lot more than just ignore the problem like our current State government. They're all too rich. Medicine in America is great if you're a billionaire.