The DMV is backlogged. CPS is understaffed. SNAP is backed up months. Prisons don't have enough guards, or air conditioning.

The DMV is the only one of these I personally deal with, and it hasn't been fun, and I'm good at rules lawyering things! This (and helping homeless people with their cars) is what showed me the Establishment Republicans in Texas just. don't. care. about normal people.

I'm a normal people. I'm running because normal people need a voice. If there's something you're annoyed about, let me know!

All of these things fall under that class of things where Dan Patrick and co. just whine "but nobody wants to work anymore." (I personally asked Dan Patrick about the Gainesville State School guard staffing issues, got that answer, it still annoys me.) No, understaffing means a job doesn't pay enough for the hours and benefits, or that the head count for a role needs to increase. That's an oversimplification, nothing is ever truly simple, but I'm not far off the mark.