Non-issues: "VOUCHERS"

School Choice/vouchers

Do I really have to say it? Taking money out of the public school budget for anything is stupid, taking it out to fund private schools that you and I dang sure can't afford is beyond reprehensible. Our public schools are falling apart and don't pay their teachers enough, I want quality Texas PUBLIC schools. Which is a heck of a lot different than my Republican opponent saying she wants quality schools.

By all means teach your kids however you want, wherever you want. I'm homeschooled, lol, if that wasn't already obvious. But we need well-funded public schools with functioning air conditioning, up-to-date buildings, and enough teachers and support staff to make even the worst-off kids have an equal chance at success later in life. It's the least we can do. Public schools are our last line of defense against illiteracy, poverty, and even starvation for Texas kids. Breaking them breaks any hope of a good future for Texas and for America.