Non-issues: THE BORDER

The border

The border and immigration is Federal jurisdiction. Not something Texas should be volunteering billions of taxpayer dollars to secure. Also, Federal immigration law is very out of date, and the bureaucracy that processes people is decades behind due to chronic underfunding. The current border crisis is no surprise, it's been a problem for decades. But, asylum seekers and migrants can't vote, and make a very convenient bogeyman to scare voters with.

I'm an immigrant myself, from Canada, and had to jump through all these hoops. I accidentally fell in love with an American gal, that's how I got a green card and eventually citizenship. Otherwise, even I couldn't have immigrated to this great country with its opportunities, freedom of speech, and Constitutionally-protected property rights.

It would require Congress to actually fix immigration, but it bothers me that the same people that whine "nobody wants to work anymore" don't look at immigrants as a solution. They want to work, but instead we keep them out. And I can't see how it's not a racism thing, I have friends that waited 13 years in a refugee camp for asylum. And they're Christians, Baptists even!

I have friends and friends of friends who are Venezuelans,  Karens (minority in Myanmar), Cambodians, Kurds, Mexicans, Canadians, Bolivians, Belizeans... people who aren't Americans are people, and individuals, not a group of monsters to drown in the Rio Grande or send back to places they'll get killed by gangs or evil governments.