More issues


With hate and partisanship getting out of control, to say nothing of suicides and mass shooters, we do need to do something, and education isn't enough.

For starters, make public school not, yah know, suck, and staff our schools enough kids can get listened too.

For second, work on poverty, first, foremost and always. Gun control distracts Democrats from dealing with poverty nearly as hard as the abortion scam distracts Christians from working on poverty. Depression and anger have many, many causes, but a big one is not having enough to eat or a way out of poverty.

I am 100% for Red Flag Laws. If yah know someone is gonna hurt themselves or others with a firearm, actually get action out of the police, now. How about we make this easy on our voters though and put something that isn't over-reaching and has judicial checks against abuse, like Indiana's Jake Laird Law. Indiana's about as Republican a state as you can find, too, this shouldn't be a partisan issue. In the first 10 years, this law knocked suicides down 7.9%. That's a reduction Texas could use.

However! This is North Texas. Our voters don't want to ban AR-15s, let alone all semi-automatic rifles, which is what the gun control debate always snowballs into. Anyone with the least knowledge of guns should realize AR-15s are just the most affordable and popular semi-auto, it's the Ford F-150 of guns. Remember, Texans, especially in North Texas, are rural at heart, even if Denton and DFW keep expanding. We haven't ever really trusted the government, doubly so in the younger generation. History says we can't trust the government to protect liberals and minorities either, North Texas has a bloody history of repression.